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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

HOUSTON: The 83rd Annual National Bar Association Convention Party, 7.30


The 83rd Annual National Bar Association CONVENTION PARTY
Fox Sports Grill (Galleria)
Wednesday, July 30th, 9:00pm - 2:00am
With Sounds By The "Diabolical" DJ Biz Markie

Hosted By:
Houston City Councilman Ronald Green (Houston, TX)
Attorney Felix Chevalier (Houston, TX)
Attorney Carl Moore (Houston, TX)
Troy J. Pradia (The Pradia Law Firm, P.C.)
Attorney Tracey Walker (Chicago, IL)
Attorney Terry Wade (Chicago, IL)
Attorney Al Flowers (Washington, D.C.)
Attorney Ken Hulsey (Washington, D.C.)
National Black Professional Network


Brought to you By:


CNN "Black In America": DO YOU FEEL BLACKER???

Sooooooo, many, MANY opinions on CNN: Black In America. Some good, some bad, some down right CRAZY!

Despite Soledad's efforts, it seems as though quite a few black American's are more then a little peeved about the show......

So, let's talk about it! Before you decide your Jewish or an alien from Saturn instead of being black in America, tell us how you feel about the BIA program.

All comments will be displayed so use your CLUB NAME if you want!

Put it on Blast!!!

OBAMA UPDATE: Getting Ready To Pick Our New V.P.

Our fave prez candidate, Sen. Barack Obama is narrowing down his choices for V.P. candidate. High on the list is Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine who has emerged as one of the campaign’s potential finalists.

According to the AP, Kaine, an early Obama supporter whose biography nicely dovetails with the Illinois senator’s, "ranks very, very high on the short list," said a source who has spoken recently to senior Obama aides about Kaine.

----The 50-year-old Virginia governor is among a handful of logical, and much-discussed, choices to join Obama on the campaign trail, with his position as governor of a state the Obama campaign hopes to make a key battleground and his background as a Spanish-speaking former Catholic missionary and civil rights lawyer make him a strong potential pick.-----

Kaine could serve as ambassador, his proponents say, to four key groups: Virginians, Catholics, working-class white voters and Hispanics.

Get those bases COVERED, Obama!!!

Let's see how this works out!

Omarosa Vs. Wendy Williams: Smackdown 2008! (VIDEO!)

In case you missed it, former Apprentice protege and all around-bad girl, Omarosa, went on the Queen of Mean, Wendy Williams new talkshow last week and let's just say the *ish was mad hilarious but did NOT go well!

Apparently, Omarosa was promoting her forthcoming book, aptly titled The Bitch Switch, while Wendy was there to "smooth her out" and do what she usually does to her celebrity guests....but Oma wasn't having it!

Book snatching, eye-rolling and catty comments on Yaky #57 and plastics surgery, ABW and a BUFOON???? Oh MY! The tomfoolery!!!!

Granted, Oma started of on the wrong foot as USUAL, but Wendy is known for punking her guests bigtime on the radio. Not THIS time, diva!

There is some hilarious commentary on, too much!

Check out the vid's Part's I and II, you be the judge!!!

Halle Berry Getting Ready To Sue The Bejesus of Some Folks

Yo, Catwoman does NOT play!

Apparently, the stunning Halle Berry, did not appreciate the papparzzi snapping secret photo's of her holding four-month-old bundle of joy, Nahla Ariela Aubry, especially when those illegal photos' showed up on the Internet.

The photog trespassed in her private property and snapped the shots while Halle was hanging out in her backyard.

Unlike many of these media whore celebs who've sold their baby photo's to the highest bidder before they can even cut the umbilical cord, Berry has been pretty diligent about keeping the baby out of the public.

Kudo's to Ms. Berry and fine, fine, TOO FINE hubby-to-be, Gabriel Aubry!

OBAMA UPDATE: Black Radio Goes Rush Limbaugh Style

Apparently, liberal black radio are the true advocates of our fave prez, Sen. Barack Obama and is taking a page from our nemesis, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly and nem'.

According to an article in the NY Times, black radio is leading the charge to put Obama in office, much like conservative counterparts have been doing for years.

God forbid we forget the Dubya Debacles during the stolen elections

---Now it is Mr. Obama, the presumptive Democratic nominee, who has a harmonious chorus of broadcast supporters addressing a vital part of his coalition, feeding and reflecting the excitement blacks have for his candidacy in general.

Mr. Obama is getting support from white liberal talk radio hosts as well, but the backing he is getting from black radio hosts could be especially helpful to his campaign’s efforts to increase black turnout and raise historically low voter registration enough to change the math of presidential elections in battlegrounds and traditionally Republican states like this one.----

Kudo's to the Joyners of the world for moving urban radio to support Obama, but let's not forget about sites such as, and that are holding Obama down in cyberspace!

OBAMA UPDATE: Audacity of Hope Cartoon w/Michelle

OK, now THIS is funny. This cartoon is non-racist, non-stereotypical and non-offensive, at least to me.

The teeth are big, hey, it's a cartoon, but the rest is classy and yes, funny. This comes from The Economist in London.

Take a page, New Yorker!

BREAKING NEWS: 5.4 Earthquake Just Hit L.A.

Damn, hope everyone is alright. A 5.4 quake just hit the L.A. area, wow. Sources say the rumbles were felt all through the valley, but no fatalities.

I wonder if this is the prelude to the Big One? *ish is getting MAD hectic, y'all.

Bush Clears Army To Execute Prisoner And Yes, It's A Brother

Well, you know George Dubya Bush likes to have his voice heard, from being a "wartime president" to being the first president to sign an ordering to allow the U.S. Army to execute one of their own.

In case you missed it yesterday, Dubya signed the order of execution for Ronald A. Gray,
who had been convicted in connection with a spree of four murders and eight rapes in the Fayetteville, N.C., area over eight months in the late 1980s while stationed at Fort Bragg.

It's the first time in over a half-century that a president has affirmed a death sentence for a member of the U.S. military.

Wow, no surprises here, considering how Dubya used up all the pen ink signing death orders here in the state of Texas.

Now, we all know how much Duby loves to make history. Even if it's with the blood of another human being.

Now, as one of the folks who is still on the fence about the death penalty and does believe that in CERTAIN cases it needs to be used, this is not an argument to excuse Gray or the heinous and despicable crimes that he committed, BUT: why can't he rot the rest of his years in jail while living like so many WHITE criminals do???

You would think that as a president on his way OUT of the Oval Office, Dubya would practice something called mercy in this case, just to show that he is not completely devoid of all humanity.

But I forgot, we are dealing with George "Fry Em" Dubya Bush, the words mercy don't exist in his vocabulary.

What a history making moment this must be for him, I'm sure he's proud of his newest accomplishment and the many new photo op's he'll generate.

Who cares if Sen. Barack Obama is going to be the first black President of the United States?

Dubya just reminded all y'all of whose REALLY running this plantation.

Monday, July 21, 2008

OBAMA UPDATE: Michelle Making Us Look Good Again

----"She normalizes black women. She's not the bitter black woman pundits have tried to make her out be."---Alyson Jones, an elementary teacher at Nataki Talibah Schoolhouse, a charter school in Detroit

Here's another great article from the Detroit Free Press on how Michelle Obama is changing the face and perceptions of African-American women around the globe.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I feel like having a "Michelle" Day, just enjoy it!

Deelishus: W.T.F.????

You know, I usually don't post this type of *ish, but I want to talk to the brothers for a minute about the power of AIR-BRUSHING!

Next time you compare one of us to some skank in KING, BLACK MEN, SMOOTH or whatever rag your pleasuring yourself to at that moment, refer back to these pictures of your girl, Deelishus.


Yes, fella's, this is real talk: stop being so damn UNREALISTIC! If this ain't a wake-up call, then I don't know what is! The airbrush is a beautiful thing!

Sorry to kill the fantasy, fella's, but take a gooooddd look and get those expectations in check!

Click on the photo for the up close and personal!

OBAMA UPDATE: Did Bill Give Jesse A Pass On The N-Word???

It's not like we weren't all like, "We know what that n***a said!", when Fox News and Bill O'Reilly decided to withhold CERTAIN commentary in the now infamous, "Rip His Nuts Off" rant by the good Rev. Jesse Jackson.

O'Reilly is claiming that he held back "certain comments" and dismissed Jesse's use of the N-Word as "personal trash talk" that didn't affect policy. Therefore, we, the public, didn't need to hear it.


Come again?

I'm sorry, but if one of the so-called "leaders" of the black community, is calling our next president the N-Word, ummmm, I want to know about it.

And really, when did O'Reilly become the bastion of non-personal attacks? Are you kidding me? Not out to hurt Jesse? What about that fool hurting US????????

The question is: was it ethical or even right to try and give Jesse a PASS if he is using the N-Word, a word he is the alleged champion of burying on the black community?

Hmmmmm: pot meet kettle

Put it this way: it's no surprise to us! But why would Bill do this? Journalistic integrity? Hell NO!

Check the video. You be the judge.

Washington Post: Black. Female. Accomplished. Attacked.

Excellent article in today's Washington Post on the continued miscasting of the professional black woman.

The article touches on the phenomenal Michelle Obama and how the U.S. is not ready to SEE someone like her, hence the need to place her in familiar boxes to make her palatable to the general public.

While the usual dismal trends of professional black women including perpetual singledom, lack of respect in the workplace and pre-labeled stereotypes, are highlighted, it;s good to see that the issues that many of us have had to deal with in corporate America are finally being brought to light.

I mean, haven't we, as professional black women, been dealing with the same bull*ish labels: aggressive, opinionated, mean, making some white chick cry on the job, blah, blah, that are now being placed on Michelle, for years?

OK: for some reason, and before I started my PR firm, I used to make white women cry in the workplace all the time. I guess the housewife crocodile tears as a response to lack of WORK ETHIC AND PROFESSIONALISM never phased me, hell, the *ish was actually quite amusing.

But I digress!

Article also points out that a black middle-class couple, with 2 kids, and married to each OTHER is soooooooo not the norm in our community or so the media & general statistics would have us believe, a point that should not be taken lightly.

You be the judge!

OBAMA UPDATE: McCain Trying To Make SURE Obama Can Be Found???

Yo, this damn administration are the most telling-arse jokers I've ever seen! First Valerie Plame and now this!

Apparently, our fave prez, Sen. Barack Obama, can't get the privacy afforded to all political candidates during foreign travel because of security risks and whatnot....especially if his opponent, Sen. John McCain and them have something to do with it.

Seems as though big mouth McCain thought it would be a good idea to run down details of Obama's entire scheduled trip to Iraq over the weekend.

---"I believe that either today or tomorrow -- and I'm not privy to his schedule -- Sen. Obama will be landing in Iraq with some other senators" who make up a congressional delegation,---"

Gee, thanks, McCain, hey, why not just paint a big-arse target sign on his private jet?

According to the Huffington Post, The White House, State Department and Pentagon do not announce senior officials' visits to Iraq in advance. Basically, they were trying to keep the *ish secret.

Reuters hinted that this was a MAJOR breach on McCain's part, noting;

----"If it is true that Obama is going to Iraq this weekend, it is a very serious mistake for McCain to have disclosed it publicly. Even for run-of-the-mill CODELs the military gives guidance like, "Please strongly discourage Congressional offices from issuing press releases prior to their trips which mention their intent to travel to the AOR and/or the dates of that travel or their scheduled meetings.----


Guess McCain missed the "BCC" on this one!

R.Rah Kelly Boycott Seems To Be Gaining Traction

Weellll, seems as though the Brothers are none to pleased with the Pied Piper of Peddyville.

Seems as though a group of male professors, writers and activists in the African-American community, including New York congressional candidate Kevin Powell (remember him? The militant black from the "Real World", wwaaayyyy back when it was good??) are leading the charge to shut the R.Rah down.

The group pledge calls for zero support of R.Rah, no record purchases, no radio time, nada until he admits to what he's done and makes a public apology to the black community.

Do I hear hell freezing over?

I'm all for it, but damn, I won't lie, I still have that old-arse and dusty copy of "12 Play" somewhere in my CD stack.

Guess I'll have to stop singing at the first, "My minds telling me nooo-oooo!"

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

OBAMA UPDATE: No, That *Ish Ain't Funny

Black people can't take a joke and apparently neither can the rest of America.

In case you missed it, The New Yorker decided yesterday to put a little satire on their cover, with their "illustration" of our fave prez, Sen. Barack Obama and his wife Michelle, depicted as fist-bumping Muslim's sporting Afro's, turbans and guns with the American flag burning in the fireplace.

APPARENTLY, this is supposed to be funny. Can someone run the punchline by me one mo' again, please?

The New Yorker editor, David Remnick, is claiming that "The magazine says the cartoon is intended as a satirical comment about some of the distorted right-wing attacks on the Democratic senator."

It also defended the artist, Barry Blitt, and its cover, which illustrates an article titled "The Politics of Fear," as a satirical look at the scare tactics and misinformation being used to derail Obama's campaign. An Obama campaign spokesman said the cartoon was "tasteless and offensive".

Barry, Barry, Barry. I'm sure it seemed like a good idea at the time, but once you put color to paper, you might could have said, "Naw, maybe not." Ya' think?

Surprising, Sen. John McCain took a look at the cartoon and criticised the cartoon as offensive. Gee, thanks for that ringing endorsement.

So, let's run down the list SPECIFICALLY reserved for Obama and Michelle so far:

A Muslim
A Terrorist
Not Black Enough
An Elitist
A Baby's Mama
Too Young
Out Of Touch

Note how Obama's camp hasn't really responded to this *ish. And why? Because they know better then to help out the damn New Yorker by getting into some he said/she said, thus helping them sell even more magazines.

WTF was the New Yorker thinking? I'll tell you, good people: let's make some money and sell, them some magazines off CONTROVERSY.

These jokers knew that it would create soundbites, apologies and appearances on the national talk shows "explaining' what they did. Hell, it was probably part of the marketing plan!

Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out.

I say to the New Yorker: No, the *ish is not funny, not even CLOSE to humorous, but at this point, should we expect anything less? Thanks for the weak-arse attempt at comedy at the expense of Barack and Michelle!

New Yorker, next time, please do better the n an Afro and an AK-47. I mean, if you want stereotypes, at least throw in some slavery costumes or pimp outfits in the mix. And who forgot to draw the fried chicken and watermelon?

Shoot, then I might reaaallllllyyy be offended!

But it's just all satire, right? Right!

Please believe, I, like many other Obama supporters are still going to be laughing all the way to the voting booth's in November!

Quite frankly, Our Daily Blast think's everyone should talk get a chance to talk some *ish to the New Yorker, so here's the contact info:



I Wish Bank Of America WOULD Collapse!!!

In cased you missed it, the U.S. economy is falling apart left and right and now, large banks are taking the hit.

This weekend,
major financial institution IndyMac Bancorp collapsed, causing lines to snake around corners at it's various locations in North America as customers tried to retrieve their savings.

According to the AP, IndyMac Bank's assets were seized by federal regulators on Friday after the mortgage lender succumbed to the pressures of tighter credit, tumbling home prices and rising foreclosures. The bank is the largest regulated thrift to fail and the second largest financial institution to close in U.S. history.

You know what? I really wish BOA would tell a whole bunch of uppity black folks that they collapsed and put a sign on the door that they were closed. And that they lost their money. Because you know black people llllooovvveee BOA.

And we looooovovveee having that status-symbol photo ID Debit Card (NOT Credit!)

Please trust, every BOA in the Northern hemisphere would be done, 50 Cent and his goons would have nothing on a bunch of angry UBF's trying to retrieve their hard-earned cash!

Pure tomfoolery.

Erykah Badu Is Preggers & Pissed!!!

I'm not one to judge but uurrrmmmm 3 baby daddies??? Come ON, Badu!

Anyhows, in case you missed it,
neo-soulo Queen Erykah Badu is working on child #3 with her rapper beau Jay Electronica.

Every time she makes a comeback with a new album, she pop's up pregnant, what up with that???

Apparently, some fans are none to pleased with Badu's impending bundle, as they voice their onions on her MySpace board about her ahem, baby-making abilities and , uh, multiple fathers.

Well, Badu rips the posters a new one by berating them for attacking her "Queendom" and declaring that she is an excellent mother, her kids are great, sh has great relationships with all her kid's fathers, everything is great!


Then she signs off with a big "kiss my placenta." Ewwwwww, ick!

Come on, EB, even you have to admit that it's a bit much. I mean, I'm all for the blessings of the little bundles of joy, but what about the examples for the young girls and the fans? Not that I'm putting the role model status on you, but damn!

Did the Patch fail????

Zo's Summer Groove 2008! (PICS!!!)

Damn, does Gabby Union STAY up under the ballers or what??? Anyhows, check out the photo's from this past weekend as Zo' 's Summer Groove 2008 kicked off on South Beach.

From what I'm hearing, it was Groupie Hell all weekend long! I just don't understand what Jidge Hatchett was doing there, is she back on the market?! And does Queen Latifah ONLY look feminine for a Cover Girl shoot?

I mean, I love you Queen, but damn!


Hmmmm, the irony. Apparently, even NASCAR is jumping on the Obama bandwagon, as the BAM Racing has presented Barack Obama's presidential campaign with a potential sponsorship deal in the Sprint Cup Series.

As of last Friday, Obama and Co., decided not to sponsor a car in the race being held later this year.

Hmmmmm, I wonder if the big, nasty, stanky, $250 million racial and sexual harassment lawsuit by former official and sistergirl Mauricia Grant has anything to do with it???

Come ON, NASCAR, too little, too late, you know you don't like no black folks no ways....except one month outta' the year!

OBAMA UPDATE: Responsiblity Is the Only Option at the 2008 NAACP Convention

Our fave new prez, Sen. Barack Obama, got a standing ovation for his speech yesterday at the 99th Annual NAACP Convention in Cincinnati, OH.

Obama, our first black U.S. president,
continued his message of personal responsibility among African-American's and shook the haters off by hammering home his message about absentee fathers and the destruction of the black family.

I wonder if Jesse was somewhere off on the sidelines, waiting to twist his "manly parts" off on that note?

Anywho's, Obama is taking no shorts or half-cuts, but he also highlighted what he said was "the failure of Washington and Wall Street address economic ills affecting blacks such as lack of affordable health care, inadequate public schools and income inequality."


Fave quote of the night:

"Now, I know there's some who've been saying I've been too tough, talking about responsibility," Obama told the NAACP, the nation's oldest civil rights organization. "I'm here to report, I'm not going to stop talking about it."

Hometown Girl Crystle Stewart Takes A Spill At Miss Universe

Well, the hometown girl, Crystle Stewart, Miss USA did good! She made it to Top 10, then that damn, pesky gown messed it up! Damned chiffon!

Crystle handled the spillage with grace and class as usual, but methinks I smell a conspiracy. Didn't the same thing happen to the black Miss USA last year?

Hmmmm, stop polishing those damn floors!

Friday, June 13, 2008


You knew it was coming!


BREAKING NEWS: Meet The Press Tim Russert Dead At 58

Damn, this is some sad news. Tim Russert, the awesome host of "Meet The Press" died today after collapsing in the bureau, NBC News said Friday. He was 58.

Russert was recording voiceovers for Sunday’s “Meet the Press” program when he collapsed, the network said. No details were immediately available.

Tim Russert, NBC News’ Washington bureau chief and the moderator of “Meet the Press

He will be sadly missed.


Thursday, June 12, 2008

HOUSTON: "Who's Your Daddy?" Comedy Explosion, 6.14

Join ISIS Pages Entertainment for the "Who's Your Daddy?" Comedy Explosion this Father's Day Weekend at the Arena Theater.

Spend Father's Day Weekend with Don "DC" Curry, Kevin Hart, Damon Williams and Johnathon Slocumb as the crack jokes and get their clown on!

Show starts at 8:00pm at the Arena Theatre. Check the vitals here:

What: Who's Your Daddy? Comedy Explosion
When: Saturday, June 14th

Where: Arena Theatre (7326 Southwest Freeway @ Fondren)

Time: 8:00pm

Admish: or charge at 713.629.3700

For show info go to:
For theater info go to:

Don't Miss This One!

HOUSTON: Summer Fashion & Style Explosion, 6.15

Join J Pages Hair Magazine for the Summer Fashion & Style Explosion this Sunday at the Monsoon Wok & Lounge.

Hosted by Nnete by 97.9 Box, the show will feature styles from EndZone Fashions, District Culture, Melodrama Boutique and Village Girls.

Portion of the proceeds will benefit former WNBA star Monica Lamb's Wellness Foundation.

Check the vitals here:

What: Summer Fashion & Style Explosion
When: Sunday, June 15th

Where: Monsoon Wok & Lounge (1200 Lamar @ San Jacinto)

Time: 10:00 - 2:00am

: Pre-Sale Tix $20.00

Call 832.794.7120 or 832.715.3379 for more information

HOUSTON: Shop Euphoria! At Momentum Audi, 6.19

Check out fabulous shopping, comp cocktails and delectables at the Shop Euphoria! event, hosted by Momentum Audi, Thursday, June 19th.

Brought to you by M. Bellish, shop for tons of fabulous fashion finds and mingle with Houston's pretty people.

Entry is only $5, check the vitals here:
What: Shop Euphoria!
When: Thursday June 19th
Time: 5-9pm
Locale: Momentum Audi (2315 Richmond @ Kirby)
Admish: $5

Click here to Pre-Purchase Tix!!!

Vendors Call: 713.882.4017

HOUSTON: Beaucoup Amor Store Closing Sale This Weekend!!! 6.12 - 6.15

Beaucoup Amor is closing it's doors! Don't miss the fab sidewalk sale by our very own Our Daily Blast reader, Gabby G, June 12th - June 15th!

90% of damn near everything on sale!

Beaucoup Amor is located at 3055 Sage Road (at Hidalgo), back of the Galleria Mall across from Nordstroms.

For more info call 713.622.9599!

HOUSTON: 2008 Annual HBCU Alumni Mixer, 6.13

Join the HBCU Alumni Association, Inc. this Friday at Pashaa Ultra Lounge in the H for the annual Alumni Mixer!

Attendance was so good last year, we raised enough money to give away two scholarships. Come good food, good, music, good people, and good drinks!
$10 Donation to our scholarship fund

Everyone will be there.

Check the vitals here:

What: 2008 Annual HBCU Alumni Mixer
When: Friday, June 13, 2008

Time: 5:00pm - 9:00pm
Locale:Pashaa Ultra Lounge (2010 McKinney, Downtown Houston)

Admish: $10 Donation

Contact InfoPhone: 713.899.8657

Forbes Celebrity 100 Revealed: Oprah is Still #1

Our girl, Miss Sophia, aka Oprah Winfrey, is still running the yard, as she tops the annual Forbes Celebrity 100 List yet again.

The self-made billionaire hit the #1 Power Ranking with earnings of $275 MILLION.

, we know someone ain't worrying about gas prices!
Other's to hit the Top Ten list include Bey & Jay and Tiger Woods.
Check out Forbes for more celebs who don't care about the Recession!
Forbes Celebrity 100 List

The Top 10 List Here:
  1. Oprah Winfrey
  2. Tiger Woods
  3. Angelina Jolie
  4. Beyonce Knowles
  5. David Beckham
  6. Johnny Depp
  7. Jay-Z
  8. The Police
  9. J.K. Rowling
  10. Brad Pitt

Ashanti's PR Folks Need To Try Again!!!

Yeah, maybe staging a fake MURDER spree over a spurned lover is NOT the way to promote a new album.

Apparently, someone over at Ashanti's record label Universal Music Group, had the bright idea
to develop a controversial Web depicting a fake killing spree over her wayward boyfriend to promote her new album, "The Declaration."

Ummmmm, that would be a big NO.

Visitor to the website,, were able to personalize a news report about the murders and send a "Gotchagram" e-card/video to folks with the target's name listed as the killer's latest victim.

Dude, who the hell is greenlighting this bull*ish?

Parents and religious groups protested outside of her record company Tuesday and threatened to disrupt her scheduled performance of the National Anthem at Game 5 of the NBA finals at LA's Staples Center. As a result, Universal shut down the gotcha-grams and removed the Web site altogether.

Damn Ashanti, hate it for you, chick!

OBAMA UPDATE: Fox News F*****G With Michelle Again

Someone is eventually going to have to blow up Fox News Channel. Apparently, they are now referring to Michelle Obama, bad-ass wife of our prez, Sen. Barack Obama, as his BABY MAMA!

Apparently, on Fox News Wednesday afternoon, during a segment discussing conservative attacks against Michelle Obama, the wife of presumptive Democratic nominee Barack Obama, the network described the former as "Obama's baby mama."

The description was displayed on-screen several times during the segment, which featured anchor Megyn Kelly and conservative blogger Michelle Malkin, an FNC contributor.

Wow, an accomplished, talented, degreed, mother of two, with all-American family values is reduced to the label of BABY MAMA! Because that's how Fox needs their viewers to see Obama and his family: just another bunch of n****s, accomplishments be damned.

Now granted, in 2004, Michelle DID refer to Obama as "her baby daddy". But for some reason, it just sounds very DIFFERENT when Fox News put's it out there in THEIR context.

You know like how we might call each other the "N" word but one of our cool white friends will catch an arse-whupping if they try the same thing?

Yeah, you know!

R-Rah Kelly Trial: Closing Arguments Begin Today

Heard it' a frenzy in the Chi, as the closing arguments for the Pied Piper of Peddyville aka Robert R. Rah Kelly begin today.

Closing arguments began at 10 a.m and the jury—nine men and three women— could start deliberating as early as this afternoon.

The Prosecution is relying on the skank tape testimony from friends and photo's of the victim to put Kelly away.

The Defense is relying on the victim's refusal to testify, the tape with the "mole" (SMDH) and Lisa Van Allen, the 3-way chick accused of trying to extort Kelly and testifying to save her jailbird man in ATL. Oh and a miracle!

For some reason, I think he is going to get off. Where the hell is Al Sharpton, Jesse and them now, huh?

Stay tuned for the foolishness!

Grey's Anatomy "Star" Has Got Some Damn Nerve

In case you missed it, Grey's Anatomy blondie, Katherine Heigl, has dropped out of the Emmy race, claiming that the SHOW and her character did not live up to her expectations this season

Her publicist statement claims---
"I did not feel that I was given
the material this season to warrant an Emmy nomination and in an effort to maintain the integrity of the academy organization" decided against competing,"---

Basically, she's implying that Emmy award winning creator and producer, Shonda Rhimes, is to blame for her withdrawal.

I know Shonda is somewhere like, "Ho, sit down!"

I guess her 2 movies, "27 Dresses" and "Knocked Up" have gone to her head?

Don't forget, this is the chick that told Isaiah Washington, the brother who USED to be on the show, that he should never speak again in public over his "F-bomb" debacle last season.

Yeah, her character was reduced this season, but so what? It's TV!
She only won ONE time! And who's to say that even if she did enter, she would win again? Dang, these white chick's sense of entitlement is HILARIOUS! Hello, Hillary!!!

I think Shonda just needs to write her out the show. Can't she get hit by an ambulance or something?

NASCAR, You Just Knew A Hellified Lawsuit From A Black Person Was Coming!

Weellllll, seems as though everybody's favorite American pastime, NASCAR, is getting the be-jesus sued outta' them by former official, Mauricia Grant, to the tune of $225 million, alleging racial and sexual discrimination, sexual harassment and wrongful termination.

Apparently, Grant was subject to all kinds of craziness during her time at NASCAR, including being asked if she needed sunblock to wok in the pit, being "Nappy Headed Mo" and "Queen Sheba," accusations of working on "colored people time," and was frightened by one official who routinely made references to the Ku Klux Klan.

And that was just on a Monday!

Looks like Grant is going to have the last laugh on this one, lawyers, start your engines!!!

I can just SMELL a class-action on this one!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

OBAMA UPDATE: A Day In History....And That's A Wrap!!!!!!

We've been saying it for weeks and months: our fave Democratic hopeful from Illinois, Sen. Barack Obama, WILL win the nomination for the party.

And it looks like today is the DAY THAT IT HAPPENED!

Even now, Sen. Hills Clinton is REFUSING to admit defeat and concede, despite the decision with Florida and Michigan and continues to fight Obama in the Democratic primary season even as everything is coming to a close TONIGHT in St. Paul/Minneapolis, MN, where he will rally.

Not only is that pathetic, but it is just truly sad and smacks of the Clinton version of UNITY.

According to CNN, Obama on Tuesday had 2,083 delegates, just 35 delegates shy of the 2,118 needed to clinch the nomination, after a number of superdelegates announced their support for the senator from Illinois. There are 193 superdelegates who have not backed a candidate.

In addition, there are not enough pledged delegates at stake in Montana and South Dakota to put Obama over the top, but a rush of endorsements by the remaining undeclared "superdelegates" could allow him to claim victory when he takes the stage in Minnesota Tuesday evening.

Today, Rep. James Clyburn, the No. 3 Democrat in the House and the highest ranking African-American in Congress, was among those super-delegates.

Some 61 contests over five months will end Tuesday as Montana and South Dakota hold primaries.

People, please believe: THE REAL WORK STARTS NOW!

Here are some of the news highlights for today:






Sex And The City: Oh Soooooo Fab!!!

OK, according to Sex And The City, there are only 2 black women in NYC: Jennifer Hudson and Andre Leon Talley.

However, apart from the lack of minorities (gay's need not freak out!), SATC was fab, fab and FAB! Loved it! The girls are back in town! Who knew that hanging out with a bunch of broads at the movies could be so much fun!

Especially when the rowdy chicks two row's behind us "accidentally" dropped their bottle of Grey Goose causing it to roll down the aisle during the open credits, now that was funny!

It felt like I never left my girls Carrie, Samantha, Miranda & Charlotte. We laughed, we cried, we debated, we sucked our teeth, rolled our eyes and yelled at the movie screen with the white women!!! WhooHoo!

However, J-Hud's role as a country-arse assistant from St. Louis who receives a very special GIFT from Carrie and her constant references to a certain website are a little tooooo much. I mean *ish, it's 2008, get with it!

Some of you may not have seen the flick yet, so I can't give it the full wallop just yet. Let's just say only die-hard fans will really get it!

VOTE For Houston's Own Marc Newsome's, "Here Comes The Neighbourhod" In The Chase Legacy Film Challenge!

My fave graphic designer, film-maker and all around good guy, Marc Newsome, is repping Houston as the finalist in the The Chase Legacy Film Challenge Presented By (HBO & Kodak).


Some of you may know that this isn't Marc's first movie. He produced "Electric Purgatory", a documentary on the struggles of the black rock musician and the stigma they face in the black community and the music industry.

Marc's submission, "Here Comes The Neighborhood", is a satirical short comedy chronicling the effects of the gentrification of a fictitious African American neighborhood, Our Legacy Estates. Told in vignette form, take a glimpse into the lives of the homeowners and the opportunists who desire their homes.

Look out for many familiar faces and locations in Houston in this film! We are very proud of the kid, let's vote him in!



Groupies Unite! T.O Inks $34 Mil With The Dallas Cowboys

The man we used to love to hate, Terrell "T.O Owens" just became a couple of million heavier in the pocket with a new contract with a four-year, $34 million deal with the Dallas Cowboys.
He's slated to earn $27 million over the next three seasons

Just for kicks, here's the money trail: $12.9 million to sign, $100,000 of his $830,000 2008 base salary guaranteed and a total of $13 million guaranteed, with a contract through 2011.

It's smelling good in Dallas right about now!